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Here Goes Nothin'.

It has been a while since I've written a blog post. And since I've changed up my website, it's time to create a new blog, so here goes nothin'.

It's been a slow start to the year...well, it seems slow, because the winter has just dragged on and on and on, but somehow, paintings have been piling up, big paintings of horses, and little paintings of cats and goats and chicks. There is never a shortage of painting subjects. I see animals and I want to capture them. Sometimes landscapes, too. The thing is, there is only so much room in the studio for paintings, so I need to get them out there. There is a nice little selection of animals at Silver Circle Gallery in Putnam. This Clydesdale has a rather imposing spot above the door, and seems to draw your eye up there. But you'll find some goats and a chick and even a bunny there too.

I'm still figuring out the design settings on this blog publishing tool, so hopefully I'll figure out how to make it look a little better. Everything is a learning curve, and sometimes you just have to sit down and puzzle it out.

Clyde Attitude, oil on canvas, 20 x 30 in.


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