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Catching My Breath

Sometimes life gets in the way of creating. I've always managed to crank out a fair number of paintings each year, despite working a regular job, being a parent, taking care of horses, fitting in riding time, and keeping up with the vacuuming of all the dog hair. I squeeze in studio time in the evenings, on weekends, especially rainy or snowy weekends. Once a month, I go to our local gallery, Silver Circle Art Center in Putnam, to sit in the gallery and work on a painting or two. The work keeps getting done, somehow, and the inventory piles up. But this has been the year of the big college decision for my high school senior, and the energy and stress involved in that decision has been the thing that threw up a road block. Mental energy is suddenly in short supply, and that's okay. Painting is calming therapy. The rest of the art business is not. But it's okay to take a little break...reassess...focus on creating, and when life calms down, which it is bound to do, I can focus my efforts on the business end. of things. For now, I think I'll just enjoy spring.

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